Mr Pepe Coin is a community-driven cryptocurrency project

that is aimed at providing strong returns on investment for investors through a unique value proposition in the e-commerce and gaming industries.

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Soft Cap: 1BNB



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Mr Pepe Coin is a community-driven cryptocurrency project that is aimed at providing strong returns on investment for investors through a unique value proposition in the e-commerce and gaming industries. The coin is expected to be launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) on BSC Launchpad, after which it will be listed on centralised exchange platforms including CoinTiger and Coinsbit. Mr Pepe’s community involvement and use cases in e-commerce and gaming are expected to provide high returns to investors and traders.


Cryptocurrencies have become an ever-growing asset class with the potential to provide significant opportunities for investment returns. By providing a unique value proposition, cryptocurrencies can be used in various industries and significantly impact the market.
The Mr Pepe Coin is a community-driven cryptocurrency project that aims to provide investors with high returns through active involvement in e-commerce and gaming industries. Additionally, the project focuses on community-driven development, providing members with extensive power in shaping the project’s direction.

Mr Pepe Coin's Key Features

Community Driven Platform
Low Transaction Fees and Fast Transaction Processing Time
Integration in E-commerce and Gaming
NFT Marketplace and Auctions
Ease of Use
BSC Launchpad ICO
Mr Pepe Coin is starting with its ICO on BSC Launchpad. The ICO will run for 15 days, and participants will be able to buy MRPepe tokens in supported formats such as BNB, BTC, USDT, BUSD, and ETH. Participants will also be able to obtain a bonus for early participation.
Listing on Centralised Exchange Platforms
Mr Pepe Coin will breach into the crypto world on some of the most existing platforms, including CoinTiger and Coinsbit, and provide fast liquidity and onboarding for all traders.
Use Cases in E-commerce and Gaming
MRPepe will offer easy and secure transaction processing in the e-commerce industry. The MRPepe coin will also be convenient for use in gaming, providing a secure and efficient way to handle in-game transactions.
NFT Marketplaces and Auctions
The MRPepe coin will offer unique and proprietary NFTs that are specifically designed for the community's various interests. These NFTs will be available for sale in the coin's NFT marketplace.


Token Name

Mr Pepe Coin

Token Symbol

Mr Pepe

Total Supply







Presale ICO


Centralized listing










Roadmap for Mr Pepe Coin

Phase 1 :

Development of Mr Pepe Coin Concept and Whitepaper
Creation of a Strong Community Foundation through Social Media Campaigns
Launch of Mr Pepe Coin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on BSC Launchpad
listing Mr Pepe on Decentralised platform: Pancakeswap
Crowd Wisdom

Phase 2 :

Listing of Mr Pepe Coin on Centralized Exchange : Coinsbit, Cointiger

Phase 3 :

Listing of Mr Pepe Coin on more Centralized Exchange Platform
Partnership Building with E-commerce and Gaming Companies for Integration of Mr Pepe Coin
Launch of Mr Pepe NFTs

Phase 4 :

Expansion of Mr Pepe Coin Use Cases through Partnerships and Integrations
Addition of More Centralized Exchange Platforms to Increase Liquidity
Establishment of a Mr Pepe Coin Community Fund for Community Projects
Development of Mr Pepe Wallet App for User Convenience and Easy Transactions
Continuous Improvements and Updates to the Mr Pepe Coin Ecosystem
Please note that this roadmap is subject to change, and the project team will provide regular updates to the community regarding the progress and developments of Mr Pepe Coin.


In conclusion, Mr Pepe Coin is an exciting and innovative project that is community-driven and provides investors with an excellent opportunity to invest in e-commerce and gaming industries. The project enables communities to hold significant power and shape the project’s course, providing a sense of ownership. With low transaction fees, fast transaction processing times, and extensive use cases in e-commerce and gaming, Mr Pepe Coin has the potential to provide substantial returns to investors.